Pre-order BLUEPRINT FOR LOVE, Book 2 in The Port Bristol Series

June 16, 2019 Jenn Hughes 0 Comments

The second book in The Port Bristol Series may not officially arrive until July 24th, but you can pre-order Blueprint for Love from Amazon today!

A home renovation brings video game developer Marley and contractor Byron together for more than just swinging sledgehammers. Their instant chemistry builds a foundation for something more as Marley and Byron follow their own blueprints for turning her dilapidated house into their mutual dream come true.

In video game developer Marley Callan’s opinion, contractor Byron Gallagher thinks he owns every inch of her new town of Port Bristol, Maine—including her for-sale dream home. But after a knockdown bidding war with Byron, Marley emerges as the victor. Her prize:  a two-story wreck ready to fall down on her head. Not that she’d ever admit her mistake to Byron. The blond, blue-eyed god has enough going for him.

1175 Fletcher Point Circle would’ve been Byron’s windfall, the answer to the bottomless pit of debt from which he’d spent years digging out his company. But when Marley demolishes him with a bid he can’t afford to match, Byron decides losing might not be so bad. As her new next-door neighbor, he’ll have a front-row seat to enjoy the results of Marley’s insane plan to live in the dilapidated house. Not to mention a view of the woman who gets him hotter than a blowtorch.

Late-night plumbing rescues and napkin property contracts lead to more than just a mutually beneficial home renovation. Their business agreement and an undercurrent of electrifying attraction soon turn into the beginnings of a blended family. A new job, a new home, and a new love—Marley learns she can have it all with Byron.

But when town menace Preston Lavery threatens everything Marley’s worked for by coaxing her ex to Port Bristol with less-than-friendly intentions, Byron and Marley’s budding relationship is put to a crucial test. On a wacky local holiday, they’re forced to make decisions that will either see them go their separate ways or turn 1175 Fletcher Point Circle into the place where all of their dreams really do come true.

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